Genesis of a trail, Pt. 7: Build it and they will come!!!!!!!

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We woke up pretty early and eager to reach Beli Manastir. It was my last day on CLDT, as I was forced to go back to Zagreb, to work.

Trail was nice, but we made some mistakes regarding bushwacking. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to bushwack our way out of that troubles.

On this day there were no pavement roads. Only dirt roads and hiking trails. That fact made us really happy. But, sun was fierce. It was so hot we had to made lots of breaks and that fact made us slower than we thought we will be.

Finally, sometimes in afternoon we came to Beli Manastir.

We went to cafe where we were waiting for my father. After he came I was on my way home. Hiking CLDT for this year was over….at least for me. Branko continued hiking, and less than one month later he reached Zagreb, and went on.

We hiked together around 170 km thru unknown areas were no trail exist. We were first ones to cut thru Slavonija and Baranja regions.

One of the questions I was repeating all over to myself was – will someone come to hike this trail???? No one knows for sure. One thing I know is that pioneers are always lonely and they question their dreams. Same thing happened to Branko and myself. But, somewhere inside I believe thru hikers will come. We just have to build the trail…..and we are doing just that!

Croatian Long Distance Trail goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join us on, donate or just send us some good vibes vie e-mail, we will appreciate anything!!!! Thank you, and see ya on trail!


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