Genesis of a trail, Pt. 6: Trail magic!!!!

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On 1. of August we hiked only 10 miles (16 km). Friend of ours told us we can crash at his place in the village of Kamenac. So, it was casual morning. We didn’t had to run, but nevertheless, it was pretty hot.

Josić winery….

We came to Zmajevac eager to resupply. In the end I bought only some bread and cheap salami, while Branko was persistent in idea to buy yogurt…again. Across the street there was a cafe so we went there to drink some coffee and beer.

Afterwards, it was time to hit the trail again. 10 minutes later our feet led us to Josić winery. It is such a nice place. We bought 1 liter of delicious wine for only 15 kn (not even 2$).

We walked thru little hill named Banovo Brdo. That place is full of crops. It was a pleasant hike, but it was hot. It would be better to hike this region in late may.

Well, well, look at that! 🙂

When we came to Kamenac we had to call mr. Josip. Josip is my friend’s relative. We were at the road when he picked us up and took us by his car. We end up hanging up in his winery cellar which was pretty amazing.

Friedl Cellar
Mr. Josip

Josip then took us to village of Kneževi Vinogradi (Prince Vineyards). His family was so nice to us. They gave us shower, meals, laundry and took us on the pool for a swim 🙂 Great time with great people. Along with Igor, they will surely be remembered as the first trail angels of CLDT!!!!!!!

Afterwards we went to Kamenac where we slept in my friends house. It was a great day full of great and friendly people. Trail is a nicer place when people are involved 🙂

Making of a trail goes on……


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