Genesis of a trail pt. 4: Sun and heat – extreme situation

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We woke up at 7 o’clock. First thing that in sight was tractor approaching and ready to plow the field. We packed our shit and left immediately. We were walking on railway tracks. Walking on railway tracks sucked, but real CLDT route will go around to bypass train tracks.

Branko, Mirkec and myself

First place we went to after entering Osijek was cafe. Local hiker named Mirkec approached us as he saw our backpacks and started a pleasant chit-chat. Temperature was rocket high, so we had to leave before it got even hotter.

After few hundred meters we asked a guy if he knows where the local general store is. He said – Wait, aren’t you two those guys who are walking from Ilok to Dubrovnik? Radio stations are full of you. – he smiled.

Well, that was a surprise. After buying some food we went to find a bridge across Drava river.

And we found a bridge…

There were lots of people swimming on the left bank of Drava river so we decided to do the same.

Our first washing, shaving, laundry….

After one hour it was time to hit the trail. There is an embankment all the way from Osijek to Batina so we decided to walk it to Kopačevo – Nature Park.

High temperature and no shade
Rare places where three makes a solid shade
On sign Hunt in progress is added Poaching in progress
Swamps of Kopački Rit
Sun all the way…..maybe it would be better to hike this section early in the morning
Tough route, but hiking is no job for weaklings
Grass means humidity and heat – worst combination
Sign for landmines. Probably no mines there, but just in case don’t go to the swamp (like as if you would go anyway 🙂

Finally, at dusk we came to Kopačevo. It is a little village with Nature Park facilities and little cafe. We went to cafe to drink some beer and wine, to chill and wait for a storm to pass.

Wooden bridges protecting vegetation

This day was really hot. It was extreme. Tough day for sure. But, we managed to get to planned destination. We hiked 15,3 miles (24,48 km). Not a lot, but if we take temperatures in consideration it is a pretty good mileage.

At 9 0’clock cafe closed. We stayed under the marquee and cowboy/stealth camped waiting the storm to pass and morning to come.

Making of a trail goes on………




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